Board Resolutions & Minutes

Board Resolutions & Minutes

The Summit County Children Services agency in Ohio is dedicated to the safety, permanency and well-being of all children served. Our professional board commits itself to the Mission, Vision and Values of our agency in meeting the requirements of the Child Welfare Mandate. Read our board resolutions and minutes below to learn more about the activities of Summit County Children Services.

Board Resolutions

Board Resolutions, April 2024
Board Resolutions, May 2024
Board Resolutions, June 2024
Board Resolutions, July 2024
Board Resolutions, August 2024
Board Resolutions, September 2024
Board Resolutions, October 2024
Board Resolutions, November 2024
Board Resolutions, December 2024
Board Resolutions, Febuary 2023 – No Resolutions
Board Resolutions, April 2023
Board Resolutions, June 2023
Board Resolutions, November 2023
Board Resolutions, December 2023

Board Minutes

Board Minutes for January 2024
Board Minutes for February 2024
Board Minutes for March 2024
Board Minutes for April 2024
Board Minutes for May 2024
Board Minutes for June 2024
Board Minutes for July 2024
Board Minutes for August 2024
Board Minutes, September 2024
Board Minutes, October 2024
Board Minutes, November 2024
Board Minutes for December 2024
Board Minutes, January 2023
Board Minutes, February 2023
Board Minutes, March 2023
Board Minutes, April 2023
Board Minutes, May 2023
Board Minutes, September 2023
Board Minutes, October 2023
Board Minnutes, November 2023
Board Minutes, December 2023
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