Student Child Welfare Field Placements

The field placement program at Summit County Children Services (SCCS) is designed for both bachelor and master’s level social work students as well as bachelor level students in related fields. The purpose of the field placement is to provide a planned, developmental approach to learning the job of a child welfare case worker and to meet the contractual needs of the student.  Download an informational brochure.

Why choose a Child Welfare field placement? Caseworkers in the child welfare system have made a commitment to protect children and preserve families. A field placement in child welfare will not only provide a student with exposure to working with children and families, but will expose students to all areas of social work practice including Mental Health, Substance Abuse, School, Hospital / Medical issues, Developmental Disabilities, and Juvenile Justice.

The Field Placement Program is designed to address the creation and advancement of “Professional Intellect” by combining emphasis on the advancement of:

  • Cognitive knowledge—basic mastery of classroom and field knowledge that leads to a professional degree and licensure.
  • Skill-set formation—application of best practice casework to address real world problems.
  • System understanding—addressing cause and effect relationship within client, agency, community and professional systems.
  • Creativity—development of self, motivation, image and style to succeed within the professional arena.

Examples of skill development activities:

  • Agency/Community Orientation
  • Interactive supervision to integrate ‘learning” and “doing” opportunities
  • Incorporation of learning style into work task performance
  • Varied case assignments and presentation opportunities
  • Planful caseload development and case management with a systems perspective
  • Mentoring & coaching opportunities
  • Team building experience
  • Project Development Assignments

Are you interested in a career in Child Welfare?

  • Are you passionate about children and families?
  • Do you think your career path might lead you to our door?

Learn and grow with a Summit County Children Services internship!  If you are interested in Field Placement opportunities with SCCS, please complete the Social Services Student Field Placement Application and send it to Mallory McConnell, Supervisor, Student/Intern Training.  For additional information regarding the Child Welfare Student Field Placement Program, please contact:

Mary Serapiglia, LISW-S, Program Director

Mailing Address:   Summit County Children Services
Professional Development
264 South Arlington Street
Akron, OH 44306

Phone:  (330)-379-2003

Email:  Mary Serapiglia

University Partnership Program

The University Partnership Program (UPP) is a unique collaboration among the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, eight of Ohio’s public schools of social work, Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO), Ohio’s public children services agencies (PCSAs), and the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.

PCSAO does not manage this program but is actively involved in supporting it.

The purpose of UPP is to bolster Ohio’s professional child protection workforce by increasing the number of well-trained graduates with both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work who enter the field. Studies show that those graduating from a program such as UPP stay longer and are more satisfied than those who did not complete such a program prior to employment.

UPP students take special courses on child protection, complete a field placement at a PCSA, and upon graduation receive partial tuition reimbursement after accepting a casework position in an Ohio PCSA. Those who complete the program may not have to take the required core training (102 hours) that all other new caseworkers must complete within their first year of employment. UPP graduates have become regularly sought after for open PCSA caseworker positions.

Click here for more information.

Partnering Universities

Eight universities across the state participate in the UPP Program. Summit County Children Ser5vices (SCCS) is involved with the following schools.

The University of Akron (MSW and BSW) – Click here for more information.
Youngstown State University (MSW and BSW) – Click here for more information.
Cleveland State University (MSW and BSW) – Click here for more information.

Other universities that Summit County Children Services works closely with are:

Malone University (BSW only) – Click here for more information.
Case Western Reserve University (MSSA only) – Click here for more information.
Kent State University (Human Development and Family Studies – Children and Youth or Case Management concentrations only) – Click here for more information.

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