Kinship Care Navigator Services

Kinship Care Navigator Services are Provided Through OhioKAN

Rationale for Special Programs Addressing Kinship Care Issues.

The number of children living with grandparents and other relatives continues to grow. According to the Children’s Defense Fund 2.24 million children are living with relative caregivers without either parent present, with 1.5 million living with grandparents and 729,000 living with other relatives. Kinship caregivers are committed to the care of their relative but face many challenges such as:

  • Economic difficulties
  • Health problems
  • Social isolation
  • Children’s behavioral problems
  • Legal issues
  • Housing difficulties
  • Lack of respite/childcare
  • Lack of community resources

About OhioKAN
OhioKAN is a flexible and responsive kinship and adoption navigator program designed to support children, youth and their families.  Building on the premise that families are inherently capable of finding solutions to the circumstances and challenges they face, the OhioKAN program will take an inclusive, engaging and genuine approach to strengthening families and their networks.  

OhioKAN is a program of the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services.  ODJFS’ mission is to improve the well-being of Ohio’s workforce and families by promoting econimic self-sufficiency and ensuring the safety of Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens.  ODJFS’s vision is that Ohio’s children, youth and vulnerable adults have a safe and permanent family that nurtures and promotes their overall well-being.

OhioKAN Navigators also assist kinship caregivers in identifying their unique needs, such as offering individual support, advocacy and assistance.

With the assistance provided by the Navigator, it is hoped that kinship caregivers will be able to stabilize their familial unit, and adequately meet their family’s financial, physical, social and emotional needs.  For professional personalized assistance with issues relating to kinship care, please call 1 (844) OHIO-KAN or visit OhioKAN Kinship & Adoption Nagivator.

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