Birthdate:  August 2008

Sire is 12 years old. He is full of energy and very smart.  He has a wonderful smile, is very curious and pays close attention to his surroundings, details and how things work.  He is diagnosed with autism and is non-verbal, however, is working hard to communicate and express himself through the use of picture boards and a communication device. He likes spicy foods and loves music and playing games on his Ipad. Sire is loving in nature and requires a caretaker who can provide him a lot of attention, structure and patience.  He is currently in a setting that specializes in meeting his needs and attends school through this program as well.

For more information about Sire, contact his caseworker, Julie Sturgill at (330) 379-1812 or by email at [email protected].

Profile created February 2021