Jaysean & Sebastian

Birthdates:  July 2014 & November 2018

This sibling group is quite the pair as they are very bonded and protective of one another.  The boys are super sweet and caring.  Jaysean (top photo) is a very active school aged boy that loves to play outside and enjoys to play with toys like cars and action figures.  Sebastian loves affection and watching cartoons.  He is in the process of potty training and is adapting really well.  They both love to eat and have no issues adapting to changes, people and routines.  Jaysean loves to learn and does very well in school.  When in a new environment they enjoy sleeping together briefly for added comfort and while they adapt.  They have no medical or developmental issues and are very well behaved.

NOTE:  The children have been matched with a family.

For more information on these brothers, contact their caseworker, Jonathan Nichols at (330) 379-2114 or by email at [email protected].

Profile updated February 2022