Brookelyn & Haley

Birthdates:  December 2014 & December 2016

Funny, outgoing, and caring are the best ways to describe Brookelyn and Haley. They enjoy dolls, board games, and playing outdoors. They also enjoy swimming and spending time together.

Although Brooke’s given name is Brookelyn, she insists she is called Brooke, and she will make sure to tell you if you say her name wrong. Brooke loves to be at school, she is very intelligent and is eager to learn. She is very bonded with her family.

Haley loved Preschool and loves to make friends at school.  Haley is proud to say she has several friends. Haley is very excited to start Kindergarten at the same school her sister attends.

NOTE:  The current caregivers are in the process of adopting the girls. 

For more information about Brookelyn and Haley, contact their caseworker, Todd Kutzera at (330) 379-1991 or by email at [email protected].

Profile created June 2022