Birthdate:  May 2008

Alyssa is an outgoing teen, she loves the outdoors and trying different activities. She’s intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and aspires to one day protect and serve as a Policewoman.  Alyssa has an older brother and younger sister, and although they do not live together, she would like to maintain a relationship with them. She is very strong-willed and determined, and at times has difficulty getting along with others. Alyssa would thrive in a structured environment and needs a family that is very patient and committed to her. Having a family to call her own is very important to her. Alyssa will benefit from ongoing counseling so he can continue address her past trauma.

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For more information about Alyssa, contact her caseworker, Robert Ondash at (330) 379-1955 or by email at [email protected].

Profile updated November 2023