Birthdate: April 2014

Alijah (AJ) is a very outgoing boy.  There is a side to him that likes to please adults and he responds well to positive attention. Alijah loves his tablet and to play with race car games, trucks, football and the playground outside in the yard. Alijah is friendly with adults but can sometimes pick fights with his peers.

AJ is currently struggling in school with his behaviors.   He is very smart and can get good grades when he applies himself.  He is in counseling as he works through his issues of loss and separation.  It is hoped with all the supports he has in place that his behaviors at school improve soon.

AJ is the second oldest of seven siblings.  He is very bonded to them and maintaining a relationship with them is a must.  Of the seven siblings, he is the only one without a permanency plan.

For more information about Alijah, contact his caseworker, Robert Ondash at (330) 379-1955 or by email at [email protected].

Profile created March 2023