Child & Family Leadership Exchange


The mission of the Child & Family Leadership Exchange (CFLE) is to promote collaboration and excellence in leadership among Summit County professionals serving children and families. Participants in CFLE gain an in-depth understanding of Summit County's services for families and children. CFLE incorporates a detailed examination of the system's strengths and weaknesses as well as techniques for impacting and advocating for improved services. The hands-on approach to learning facilitates communication between service providers and enhances the effectiveness of leaders committed to strengthening family life in this community.

Project History

The Child & Family Leadership Exchange was formed in 1994 at the request of the Summit Forum, a collaboration of chief executive officers and directors of 21 Summit County child-serving agencies. One year earlier, the Summit Forum had conducted an interactive, inter-agency seminar (Close-Up) for agency line staff as part of Child & Family Awareness Month. The seminar revealed an insufficient understanding among agency staff of the connections between services provided for children in the community.

The proposed solution was to continue the annual Close-Up program for line staff, and to begin an in-depth, inter-agency training program for managers, modeled after the successful Leadership Akron program. The Akron Community Foundation provided a grant of $10,000 in 1994 to make creation of the Child & Family Leadership Exchange possible. To date, professionals participating have included social workers, attorneys, educators, health care providers, law enforcement, social services agency staff and faith community leaders.

Training Design

The Child & Family Leadership Exchange is a training program offered annually to a class of approximately 25 to 30 professionals. Each month participants commit one full day to class sessions and attend related pre-class activities. The program begins with an overnight retreat in September and concludes with graduation in May. Monthly sessions familiarize participants with an array of community resources, including how they operate, what services are offered and the effectiveness and scope of assistance while identifying and working to close gaps in service delivery. Most significantly, the program promotes communication among participants to enhance collaboration and service delivery to children and families in Summit County.

Organization Structure

The CFLE Advisory Committee directs program content and operations. Participants' evaluation of sessions provides the stimulus for review and revision of program curriculum and format. Program coordination is the responsibility of the Professional Development & Training Department of Summit County Children Services.


Tuition is paid by the sponsoring organization. A limited number of scholarships may be granted thanks to generous support from local partners.

CFLE Class Directory

If you have additional questions, please contact the program administrator using the contact information below.

Summit County Children Services
Telephone: (330) 379-1984
Email: Kelly Aloisi

Fax: (330) 379-2030