Birthdate:  October 2005

Saunja is a caring, helpful, and polite young lady.  She has a pleasant personality and is easy to be around.  Saunja loves music!  She enjoys reading books that are in a series.  Her favorite genre is fantasy.  She also likes art and crafts.  Saunja is conscientious about her looks and likes her hair done.  And she likes to learn new things in all areas of life.  She is a conscientious student and hardworking in school.  Saunja enjoys attending church.  She is a Mom herself and would like to stay involved with her daughter.  Saunja adores attention and will thrive in a positive re-enforcement setting.

For more information about Saunja, contact her caseworker, Judie Sturgill at (330) 379-1812 or by email at [email protected].

Profile created July 2021