Quinley & Stormie

Birthdates:  February 2020 & November 2020
Pictured (from left):  Quinley & Stormie.

Quinley is a highly energetic and determined 3 year-old who prefers to always be on the go. She enjoys dancing to music, helping ‘cook’, learning how to ride her bike, and playing with her little sis. If you’re not finding Quinley being the center of attention, you will find her dumping out all of the toys in her toy box to find her doctor kit. Hint hint, she may be a doctor one day!  Stormie is a sweet and compassionate soul, who loves tight hugs and cuddling. Stormie has big emotions, and although she doesn’t enjoy sometimes being bossed around by her older sister Quinley (all of 9 months), she absolute adores her. Stormie loves to eat, swim, and read, which comes in handy as she continue to hone in on her speech development. One day, Stormie is going to be an amazing gymnast and cheerleader!

NOTE:  The girls are in the process of being adopted by their caregivers.

For more information about Quinley and Stormie, contact their caseworker, Robert Ondash at (330) 379-1955 or by email at [email protected].

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