Birthdate:  November 2006

Kalaya likes pop music and music from the 2000’s. Kalaya is friendly, outgoing and enjoys talking to her friends through social media.  She does very well in school and tried out for the school basketball team.  Kalaya loves sports, like swimming, and likes riding her new bike.  Kalaya like to cook and help out in the kitchen, and she loves to eat cheesecake.  Kalaya would like you to know that she LOVES to wear headbands!!

Kayla does well in school and enjoys being part of a family. She will require ongoing counseling to address her past traumas.  She will require someone who is patient and understanding and who listens to her opinions.

For more information about Kalaya, please contact her caseworker Darlene Neff at (330) 379-1947 or at [email protected].

Profile updated September 2022