Date of birth:  June 2020

Jerry is a happy, active, and adorable little boy. He is a social butterfly and loves being around his family, caretakers, and especially other kids. After experiencing a rough start in life, Jerry continues to fight and show how strong he truly is. Despite all of his medical challenges, Jerry has a happy disposition and loves to smile and interact with people and his switch-activated toys. Jerry attends pre-school and has captivated the hearts of his teachers and classmates. He is working hard in numerous therapies and making strides in his strength and communication. Jerry uses a variety of adaptive and therapeutic equipment in his everyday life.

Jerry is currently reliant on a feeding tube and uses a wheelchair for mobility. Jerry previously needed a tracheostomy to allow him to breathe, and it is very possible that he will require a trach again in the future. He requires trained caregivers and will need the full care and support of his adoptive family through adulthood. The perfect family for Jerry is one that has experience with complex medical needs or has the time and strong desire to learn.

Note:  Jerry has been matched with an adoptive family.

For more information about Jerry, contact his caseworker, Lisa Daley at (330) 379-2063 or by email at [email protected].

Profile updated April 2024