Birthdate: November 2006

Destiny is a quiet young lady, with a calm demeanor. She enjoys listening to music and playing games on her tablet.  Her favorite game on her tablet is Lego Batman.  Destiny is in high school and likes most of her classes, but math is a struggle.  She enjoys swimming and has become quite good at it.  Destiny also enjoys being outdoors, spending times with friends and loves going to church. She likes to have her hair done and wear colorful clothes.

Destiny would like to be able to stay in contact with her family including her 12 year old biological sister. She thrives on attention, is eager to receive praise and will do best when she has a schedule and structure.

For more information about Destiny, please contact her worker, Darlene Neff, at (330) 379-1947 or at [email protected].

Profile updated August 2022