Birthdate: March 2023

Candice, a vibrant one-year-old, is a bundle of energy, always eager to explore. Despite her mischievous streak, she’s incredibly affectionate. She’s deeply connected to her foster family, cherishing her bonds with both parents, siblings, and their extended family and church community. Candice delights in watching “Bluey” and “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” with “Tangled” being her ultimate favorite movie. Her passion for swinging and climbing knows no bounds; she’s constantly on the move, eager to conquer new heights. With her endearing charm, Candice has captured the hearts of her foster family, who eagerly anticipate officially welcoming her into their home through adoption.

Note: Candice is placed in a home that plans on adopting her.

For more information, please contact her caseworker, Karen Greenberg [email protected] or by phone (330) 996-1055.