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For more than a century, Summit County Children Services has improved the lives of abused and neglected children and their families by promoting child safety, permanency and well-being. Simply put, this long-standing commitment to our community is perhaps summed up best by our agency’s defining phrase: “Building Families . . . Building Futures.”
Many exciting and innovative programs and initiatives are now underway at our agency -- particularly those designed to provide permanent homes for the children in our community, and others helping to engage more Dads in the lives of their children.  In fact, Bringing Dads Into the Picture was the theme of our 2015 Annual Report, and the theme of the letter to the community (below) that appeared in that publication.
Thank you for your continued interest in Summit County Children Services and the children and families of Summit County.
Julie Barnes
Executive Director

Bringing Dads Into the Picture
The mission of Summit County Children Services is the safety, permanency and well-being of children.  In 2010, we began addressing a barrier to achieving our mission.  While studies clearly showed measurable benefits to children with involved and loving fathers, more children than ever were growing up without their biological father in the home.  We realized the child welfare system had traditionally focused more on working with mothers than with fathers.
About that time, Summit County Children Services began 'The Father Factor' program.  This new approach to our casework began in collaboration with many community partners to locate fathers of children in agency care and provide them with resources, support, hope and encouragement to help them play a positive role in their child's life.
In just five short years, the progress made by our agency's fatherhood program has been impressive and has also received recognition across the State of Ohio.  This Annual Report is filled with information about our fatherhood initiative and the important role a father plays in the success of children.  In this Annual Report, you'll meet:
  • A Father Factor participant who received a statewide award for his success in overcoming adversity and becoming an active part of his young son's life;
  • An agency staff member who was named to the Ohio Fatherhood Commission for her pioneering work in this area of child welfare;
  • Three other counties in Ohio who saw the success of The Father Factor and asked SCCS to help them begin similar programs to engage fathers in their regions.

We hope you enjoy our Annual Report, and learning about how bringing Dads 'into the picture' has enhanced the permanency, safety and well-being of the children we serve.

Anna M. Arvay, CPA                                                                                      Julie Barnes, M.Ed., LSW
Chair                                                                                                               Executive Director
Board of Trustees