Meet Tshana Jefferson

Meet Tshana Jefferson

What inspired you to become a foster-to-adopt parent?

Oddly enough, I was inspired with the foster care system when I was very young and used to watch my favorite show at the time "Punky Brewster" and realized that not all children had homes or families.

Why did you decide to become a foster-to-adopt parent?

Growing up I couldn't wait to be able to become a mom. Even though I am still single I was ready to start my family so I decided to go the foster-to-adopt route.

What was the process like to become a licensed foster to adopt parent? What did you experience along the way?

The process to become a foster-to-adopt parent is long but worth it. I enjoyed the trainings and really appreciate Summit County's thoroughness in making sure that we are prepared to help out not only the children who come into our care but also training us to help the birth families as well.

What do you want the public to know about Foster Care and Adoption?

I really enjoy working specifically with Summit County Children Services. I have had great experiences with case workers, training instructors and they do not discriminate on the type of family that decides to go through this process.

What is the best thing about being a foster-to-adopt parent/family?

I have not only grown my family with my beautiful daughters but have had the awesome opportunity to grow my family by having a great relationship with their birth families as well. We also have a great Foster Parent Association and I have made many new friends.

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