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Summit County
Children Services

264 S. Arlington St.
Akron, OH 44306
Phone: 330.379.9094
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Hearing Impaired: ORS 7-1-1

RFP for Child Placement Provider Services
07/13/2018 Request For Proposals Released to Providers
A copy will be sent to known Providers of drop-in respite services, and a copy will be posted on the SCCS website located at www.summitkids.org under the Bidding Opportunities Tab. Such request will have an indefinite expiration date and SCCS will accept proposals on a rolling basis.
07/13/2018- Ongoing

Letter of Intent to Submit Proposal 
SCCS requests that interested Providers submit a Letter of Intent to Submit a Proposal, attached to this RFP as "EXHIBIT 2" to ensure they receive all communications regarding the RFP. Letters of Intent should be sent via email to RFPPlacement@summitkids.org.


Question Submission Period (ongoing)
Questions regarding the RFP will be answered within a reasonable time period and must be forwarded in writing to Trina Danzy at RFPPlacement@summitkids.org or mailed to Summit County Children Services, ATTN: Trina Danzy, 264 S. Arlington, Akron, Ohio 44306.  SCCS may provide such questions and their respective answers to any potential Providers

ongoing Proposal Submission
One (1) Original and One (1) Copy of the fully completed and executed Proposals must be submitted to Summit County Children Services, ATTN: Trina Danzy at 264 S. Arlington, Akron, Ohio 44306.  Proposals should be labeled: “Response to RFP for Child Placement Provider Services."
ongoing Period for potential Interviews,  Presentation, Follow-up, and/or Clarification
ongoing Notice of Award
The Provider(s) to whom a contract shall be awarded will be notified of selection.  Such notice of being awarded a contract, or declined, may take multiple months, at the discretion of SCCS.  SCCS reserves the right to extend or shorten such time frame.
Projected Contract Commencement
The contract term expires April 30, 2021, with the option to extend for two (2) additional one (1) year terms.  SCCS may contract with multiple Providers and the contract amount may be divided between selected Providers respectively.  At the end of any contract term, SCCS may extend the contract at the rates then existing for the term then in effect to allow for adequate completion for SCCS' competitive procurement process.